Respect: What Gilbert Starleigh Has Learned in His Volunteer Work

11 Jul

Most people agree that it is important to respect others. Gilbert Starleigh notices people don’t often give respect the way that they discuss it, however. Gilbert Starleigh strives to give respect to every person, even those that most people would not find worthy of it.

Most people would say that a murderer or armed robber isn’t deserving of much respect from anyone. Gilbert Starleigh spends a great deal of his spare time with prisoners, ministering to those incarcerated and sharing the love of God with them.

Gilbert Starleigh does his best to show respect to these people as he talks with them. Gilbert Starleigh says that these people have made mistakes that our society says warrants punishment behind bars. Gilbert Starleigh says that every person has completely different experiences and has taken a different path to get them to where they are. “People are just as capable of learning from others’ mistakes as they are their own,” says Gilbert Starleigh.

Gilbert Starleigh says he treats every person he has the opportunity to speak with as a unique individual with their own lesson to teach him. Society forgets that prisons are full of all types; people who were respected and contributing members of society are also found in prison along with those more stereotypical prisoners.

Gilbert Starleigh says that often the people that he has the opportunity to speak with inside the prison are open, and share with him the mistakes that they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned. Gilbert Starleigh says that it’s rare outside of prison walls that people are willing to sit down and talk to you about the mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from them.

Gilbert Starleigh says that he has immense respect for many of the inmates for their ability to take responsibility for the things they’ve done wrong and the mistakes they’ve made.

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