Gilbert Starleigh is glad that he has been able to stand in the vital role for people to help them through tough times.

24 Jun

The Importance of Listening: Gilbert Starleigh Shares His Experiences

Gilbert Starleigh spends much of his time communicating with others. Gilbert Starleigh has learned that talking is often overrated and that listening is the skill that really helps you to connect with others. Gilbert Starleigh talks to people at the used car dealership where he works on a daily basis. Gilbert Starleigh says that people always have an opinion when it comes to a large purchase like a car. Gilbert Starleigh always lets people explain to him exactly what they’re looking for before he starts showing them around. Gilbert Starleigh is able to help his customers make their most informed choice as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that’s part of what they enjoy about their experience at the dealership.

Gilbert Starleigh also works communicating with others in a completely different setting. Asking someone about the reasons they committed a crime or started abusing drugs and alcohol can be a hard thing. Often, when Gilbert Starleigh speaks with an individual about these acts, it is the first time that someone has asked with the intention of listening. Gilbert Starleigh says that often the people he meets in prison through Kairos have never had people sit them down and discuss their actions with them. Gilbert Starleigh knows that sometimes the stories are hard to tell, so engaged listening is key to helping that person come to terms with that. Gilbert Starleigh introduces God to people on their level based on what they say to him. Caring volunteers is one of the reasons for the success of programs like Kairos.

Gilbert Starleigh encourages people to commit to listening more. Gilbert Starleigh says people tell him that they’re always surprised by the results. Men notice that their wives and girlfriends have a tendency to be extremely impressed when they remember what she said about her friend’s birthday two weeks before.

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