Gilbert Starleigh Talks About What Others Have to Teach Us

28 Jun

Gilbert Starleigh firmly believes that every person has something to teach everyone. Every person has taken a different path to where they are. They react differently to similar situations, or wish they’d reacted differently from the same situations. For every lesson a person has learned in their life, they have knowledge to share with others.

Gilbert Starleigh shares that the knowledge that comes with his volunteering is something that he never expected. Gilbert Starleigh says that when people share their experiences with him, he is amazed by what he learns not only about that person, but about himself as well. Gilbert Starleigh says that talk of how people would act in particular situations is a facet of most people’s daily conversations. When encountering someone who has experienced something that you will probably never experience, Gilbert Starleigh says that it really makes you think about the ways you’d react and how different or similar that makes you compared to the person speaking to you.

There is a great deal of wisdom to be gained from other people. Though the knowledge might be trivial, it’s still something new. Gilbert Starleigh considers himself lucky to have the privilege of being able to talk to so many different types of people over the course of his life. Gilbert Starleigh says that what he’s learned and heard has served to do several things in his life. Gilbert Starleigh says he is definitely less quick to judge others. Sometimes the decision that put a person in the situation they’re in isn’t far off from the decision you might’ve made yourself in the same situation.

Gilbert Starleigh also says that he appreciates his own path and decisions and their consequences more than ever. Gilbert Starleigh says nothing makes you realize the impact one decision can make until you’re listening to someone in prison tell the story of the decision they made that brought them there.

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