Resistance to Change: Why Gilbert Starleigh Encourages Others to Embrace Change

5 Jul

If there is one thing that Gilbert Starleigh has dealt with often enough in his life, it is the resistance of others to change. It is in the nature of our world and of human beings to change. However, people often resist what is a good and natural part of our everyday lives. Gilbert Starleigh is often shocked by the difficulty he has getting people to change bad habits. A person addicted to drugs can check-in to a rehabilitation center; the reason they have to do that is to take away their own power to resist the change they want to make. Theoretically recovering from substance abuse, especially for those who chose to do so voluntarily, should be as easy as putting down the drugs.

People like to know what to expect, they like routine. Even if their routine is drinking so much alcohol they can’t function, Gilbert Starleigh says that people often struggle with changing what is normal for them.


Gilbert Starleigh adds that often part of fighting addiction is recreating routine. People may notice that rehabilitation clinics have a tendency to be very scheduled places. Part of the goal is to replace a person’s routine as it relates to their substance problem. Getting people started in a new routine free of substances is vital to ridding them of that habit.


Gilbert Starleigh sometimes laughs to himself about the people who resist change. Gilbert Starleigh says it’s always interesting when people change cars. Families with new babies often have to make a drastic vehicle change from something like a sports or compact car to a minivan or SUV. People will spend a good long while trying to convince themselves that they can still fit a car seat in the back of a Mustang before they give in to buying the more family friendly vehicle.

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