Giving Your Time: Why Gilbert Starleigh Makes it a Priority

12 Jul

Internet and television campaigns bombard people with requests for donations for their nonprofits. Many people see those commercials, but don’t have the money to make that kind of financial commitment for every cause that they are interested in supporting. Gilbert Starleigh encourages to people to give their time to support causes or nonprofits they believe in.

When you donate money to an organization, you help make a difference by contributing to that cause and what they are able to do. When you donate your time to an organization, you help a cause by doing what it is they do. Donating to the ASPCA to help buy food to care for rescue dogs is great. It is, however, much less useful without people there to do the feeding.

Gilbert Starleigh says that donating his time to organizations and causes he cares about makes him feel fulfilled. “Being able to be one of those people going in there to do the actual work is an amazing feeling,” says Gilbert. Gilbert Starleigh says that people can find somewhere to lend a hand, and probably do it much closer to home than they ever imagined.

Do a Google search for animal rescues or soup kitchens in your area. You’ll be surprised at what you find. Gilbert Starleigh also encourages people to call specific ministries and find what their specific needs are. For example, animal rescues and shelters are often in need of newspapers to line animals’ cages and crates. Lending a helping hand in that situation is as easy as walking down your street and asking your neighbors to save their newspapers for you.

Gilbert Starleigh believes that taking even a small amount of time to contribute to the betterment of the world around you is something that every single person should make a priority. Even a few minutes of your time can make a big difference.

Respect: What Gilbert Starleigh Has Learned in His Volunteer Work

11 Jul

Most people agree that it is important to respect others. Gilbert Starleigh notices people don’t often give respect the way that they discuss it, however. Gilbert Starleigh strives to give respect to every person, even those that most people would not find worthy of it.

Most people would say that a murderer or armed robber isn’t deserving of much respect from anyone. Gilbert Starleigh spends a great deal of his spare time with prisoners, ministering to those incarcerated and sharing the love of God with them.

Gilbert Starleigh does his best to show respect to these people as he talks with them. Gilbert Starleigh says that these people have made mistakes that our society says warrants punishment behind bars. Gilbert Starleigh says that every person has completely different experiences and has taken a different path to get them to where they are. “People are just as capable of learning from others’ mistakes as they are their own,” says Gilbert Starleigh.

Gilbert Starleigh says he treats every person he has the opportunity to speak with as a unique individual with their own lesson to teach him. Society forgets that prisons are full of all types; people who were respected and contributing members of society are also found in prison along with those more stereotypical prisoners.

Gilbert Starleigh says that often the people that he has the opportunity to speak with inside the prison are open, and share with him the mistakes that they’ve made and the lessons they’ve learned. Gilbert Starleigh says that it’s rare outside of prison walls that people are willing to sit down and talk to you about the mistakes they’ve made and what they’ve learned from them.

Gilbert Starleigh says that he has immense respect for many of the inmates for their ability to take responsibility for the things they’ve done wrong and the mistakes they’ve made.

Resistance to Change: Why Gilbert Starleigh Encourages Others to Embrace Change

5 Jul

If there is one thing that Gilbert Starleigh has dealt with often enough in his life, it is the resistance of others to change. It is in the nature of our world and of human beings to change. However, people often resist what is a good and natural part of our everyday lives. Gilbert Starleigh is often shocked by the difficulty he has getting people to change bad habits. A person addicted to drugs can check-in to a rehabilitation center; the reason they have to do that is to take away their own power to resist the change they want to make. Theoretically recovering from substance abuse, especially for those who chose to do so voluntarily, should be as easy as putting down the drugs.

People like to know what to expect, they like routine. Even if their routine is drinking so much alcohol they can’t function, Gilbert Starleigh says that people often struggle with changing what is normal for them.


Gilbert Starleigh adds that often part of fighting addiction is recreating routine. People may notice that rehabilitation clinics have a tendency to be very scheduled places. Part of the goal is to replace a person’s routine as it relates to their substance problem. Getting people started in a new routine free of substances is vital to ridding them of that habit.


Gilbert Starleigh sometimes laughs to himself about the people who resist change. Gilbert Starleigh says it’s always interesting when people change cars. Families with new babies often have to make a drastic vehicle change from something like a sports or compact car to a minivan or SUV. People will spend a good long while trying to convince themselves that they can still fit a car seat in the back of a Mustang before they give in to buying the more family friendly vehicle.

Gilbert Starleigh Talks About What Others Have to Teach Us

28 Jun

Gilbert Starleigh firmly believes that every person has something to teach everyone. Every person has taken a different path to where they are. They react differently to similar situations, or wish they’d reacted differently from the same situations. For every lesson a person has learned in their life, they have knowledge to share with others.

Gilbert Starleigh shares that the knowledge that comes with his volunteering is something that he never expected. Gilbert Starleigh says that when people share their experiences with him, he is amazed by what he learns not only about that person, but about himself as well. Gilbert Starleigh says that talk of how people would act in particular situations is a facet of most people’s daily conversations. When encountering someone who has experienced something that you will probably never experience, Gilbert Starleigh says that it really makes you think about the ways you’d react and how different or similar that makes you compared to the person speaking to you.

There is a great deal of wisdom to be gained from other people. Though the knowledge might be trivial, it’s still something new. Gilbert Starleigh considers himself lucky to have the privilege of being able to talk to so many different types of people over the course of his life. Gilbert Starleigh says that what he’s learned and heard has served to do several things in his life. Gilbert Starleigh says he is definitely less quick to judge others. Sometimes the decision that put a person in the situation they’re in isn’t far off from the decision you might’ve made yourself in the same situation.

Gilbert Starleigh also says that he appreciates his own path and decisions and their consequences more than ever. Gilbert Starleigh says nothing makes you realize the impact one decision can make until you’re listening to someone in prison tell the story of the decision they made that brought them there.

Gilbert Starleigh is glad that he has been able to stand in the vital role for people to help them through tough times.

24 Jun

The Importance of Listening: Gilbert Starleigh Shares His Experiences

Gilbert Starleigh spends much of his time communicating with others. Gilbert Starleigh has learned that talking is often overrated and that listening is the skill that really helps you to connect with others. Gilbert Starleigh talks to people at the used car dealership where he works on a daily basis. Gilbert Starleigh says that people always have an opinion when it comes to a large purchase like a car. Gilbert Starleigh always lets people explain to him exactly what they’re looking for before he starts showing them around. Gilbert Starleigh is able to help his customers make their most informed choice as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that’s part of what they enjoy about their experience at the dealership.

Gilbert Starleigh also works communicating with others in a completely different setting. Asking someone about the reasons they committed a crime or started abusing drugs and alcohol can be a hard thing. Often, when Gilbert Starleigh speaks with an individual about these acts, it is the first time that someone has asked with the intention of listening. Gilbert Starleigh says that often the people he meets in prison through Kairos have never had people sit them down and discuss their actions with them. Gilbert Starleigh knows that sometimes the stories are hard to tell, so engaged listening is key to helping that person come to terms with that. Gilbert Starleigh introduces God to people on their level based on what they say to him. Caring volunteers is one of the reasons for the success of programs like Kairos.

Gilbert Starleigh encourages people to commit to listening more. Gilbert Starleigh says people tell him that they’re always surprised by the results. Men notice that their wives and girlfriends have a tendency to be extremely impressed when they remember what she said about her friend’s birthday two weeks before.

How Sponsorship Helps People: Gilbert Starleigh Shares His Experience

22 Jun

Gilbert Starleigh has worked with both those struggling to lead a drug-free life and those who have been in prison. People often say that old habits die hard, and often for these people, after they’ve completed the initial struggle to turn their lives around they have to continue to fight daily to keep it that way. Gilbert Starleigh says the support system for these people is vital. Having a sponsor or someone else be accountable to for their actions is critical to their continued success.

Anybody trying to break any type of bad habit will tell you how hard it is. Gilbert Starleigh works counseling those who have had substance abuse problems, and always encourages them to call him if they feel temptation rear its ugly head. Gilbert Starleigh has seen many people struggle through recovery from substance abuse, and the beginning of their rehabilitation is always the hardest part. Gilbert Starleigh says he always reminds those struggling after rehabilitation about their initial decision to get clean and the fight it was to get there. Gilbert Starleigh doesn’t always get to experience someone’s journey every step of the way, but for those he does he is able to remind them of what their road has been.

 Even in his work with Kairos, Gilbert Starleigh sees the importance of sponsorship. After the initial Kairos weekend, program participants are divided into small groups for discussion and reflection. Being Christian in prison can be much harder and more dangerous than being Christian on the outside. Having people dealing with the same issues and struggles as they are helps many of the prisoners maintain the commitment they’ve made to Christ throughout their time in prison and afterwards.

Practicing What You Preach: How Gilbert Starleigh’s Faith Inspires His Volunteer Work

18 Jun

Gilbert Starleigh is a dedicated Christian. Gilbert Starleigh’s faith dictates that he minister to others, and he is passionate about spreading the word of God. Gilbert Starleigh works spreading the word of God to the incarcerated and their families through a couple of ministries. Gilbert Starleigh even returned to school for an Associate’s Degree in order to better prepare himself to share the word of God with others and help them understand it fully.

Gilbert Starleigh says that often times people are turned off from Christianity because they don’t see Christians embracing living a Christian life. Gilbert Starleigh tries his best to live a godly lifestyle and show others that he is dedicated to living well. Gilbert Starleigh spends a lot of time with others, and recognizes that sharing his faith puts a spotlight on him and his actions for those that he’s sharing his faith with.

Gilbert Starleigh encourages every Christian to take a look at their lives and see if they can recognize places or people where they notice are not acting as Christian as they could. Gilbert Starleigh reminds Christians that it is part of their commitment to God to spread his word and bring others to Christ as well. If your actions are driving people from Christ, then you are not doing your duty as a Christian.

Gilbert Starleigh volunteers because he hopes that the good that he is working to do in the community inspires others to do the same. Gilbert Starleigh knows the importance of helping the community and doing good in the world. Christians are called to be in the world, but not of it. Gilbert Starleigh tries to be in the world and bring his God-given gifts to help others. Gilbert Starleigh wants others to do the same for the betterment of themselves and those around them.


and afterwards.

Accountability: Gilbert Starleigh Explains Its Importance to Recovering Addicts

15 Jun

Gilbert Starleigh has spent a great deal of time working with youth and adults who are overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction. As part of that, Gilbert Starleigh has both counseled recovering addicts, as well as worked in transitional homes for those preparing to end their time in a rehabilitation program. Through his work in this area, Gilbert Starleigh has learned the importance of accountability for addicts. Accountability not only for their drug use, but for their other actions is vital to recovery for addicts and for them being able to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Gilbert Starleigh works hard to walk through the path that brought drug addicts to where they are. Gilbert Starleigh talks to them about the decisions they have made that brought them to drug use, as well as the drug-influenced decisions that changed their lives and brought them to the point where they are. Gilbert Starleigh says that holding people accountable for those actions enables them to recognize those choices that they made, and helps them as they continue their journey after rehabilitation. Accountability shows recovering addicts that they do have choices, and enables them to make the correct choices after they have completed their program.

Gilbert Starleigh believes that the type of accountability that drug addicts are encouraged to take on is good for everyone. People are often not encouraged to take on that type of accountability unless there is a serious problem in their lives. Gilbert Starleigh believes that if people take some time to reflect on the choices that got them to when they are, it can only help them to continue to make good decisions in the future and improve their lives. Gilbert Starleigh says his work with recovering addicts has taught him a lot about the good that accountability can do for others.

Balance: How Gilbert Starleigh Achieves It

13 Jun

Achieving balance in one’s life, Gilbert Starleigh, like most people, has a number of responsibilities and wants to do his best at everything that he does. Gilbert Starleigh says that the way that he achieves this is to strive for balance in his life. Balance is extremely important for anyone. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, but too much of the serious things in life can also cause burnout. Gilbert Starleigh tries to balance his responsibilities and those things that he wants to do with those things that he needs to do.

Gilbert Starleigh works is the Manager at Gary Moulton Auto Center. Gilbert Starleigh also volunteers with several organizations helping those in the prison system and those recovering from drug abuse problems. Gilbert Starleigh knows that for him, balance is more about maintaining a balance between work and play; it is also a balance between pursuing his passions and work.

With a number of responsibilities, even those that are voluntary can be stressful. For Gilbert Starleigh, his work with recovering addicts and prisoners can be taxing at times. Gilbert Starleigh finds that in order for him to continue his work outside of his career, he strives to find a mental balance between the good he does and the work and stress that goes into achieving that.

Gilbert Starleigh would challenge anyone to consider balance in their lives as matter of the work they put in versus what they achieve. Everyone wants to know that they are working for something. Gilbert Starleigh finds that for him it is easier to achieve a feeling of balance and fulfillment when he can look at tangible results of his work. Gilbert Starleigh encourages people to take a little time to themselves, but sometimes doing what you enjoy means putting in as much work as you would for any other responsibility.